Fraudulent exits in anywhere, anyplace and at anytime. Anyone of us can fall anytime in this scam without knowing it. So to protect fraudulent and to protect us the following tips will help you keep safe from any scam or fraud. Employment scams tend to have the following features :

  • Jobs are advertised on free websites. Scammers don't like to pay to advertise jobs that don't exist.
  • Scammers send emails from free email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, ZZN, Hotmail, etc.
  • All correspondence from scammers is poor in English and very unprofessional
  • Be extremely careful when dealing with someone pretending to be a recruiter from Ghana or Malaysia. There are known scam schemes operating from these countries. They change their names on weekly basis.
  • Some scammers claim to have branches or headquarters in the "Western World", e.g. in the USA, Canada, or United Kingdom. However, addresses and telephone numbers they provide do not exist.